The School has well constructed and lush green big campus, which consists of well lit, spacious, airy, well furnished with painted walls and floors. There are big green ceramic boards in all the classes. Everywhere school building is spic & spam to create prefect environment for teaching & learning .

The School has a very big and airy science lab, well-equipped with modern apparatus. Students are guide by the over head projector,Slide projector etc. The school organises workshop time to time by the other school's or college lecture.


The school has a large fully air conditioned computer lab with the internet facility. Students are being tought the different languages of computer such as C,C++,Java script, HTML, DHTML etc.The school organises computer quiz time to time.


Very vast and specious neat and grassy playground which has various courts like Volleyball,Football,Basket Ball,Badminton....In Addition it has complete space for Cricket & all outdoor games.