Find out how to get involved in programs of students include world-class curriculum and knowledgeable child development professionals that meet the needs of children at every age and stage.

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  • VISION :

    Every child is potentially the light of the world and at the time the cause of its darkness.


    To make every child a gift of god to mankind and a pride of the human race.

  • TARGET :

    To achieve hundred percent success.


  • School follows CBSE Delhi syllabus.
  • Curriculum recommended by NCERT.
  • Students-friendly campus atmosphere.
  • High academic standards.
  • Effective and efficient teaching.
  • Dedicated and devoted Staff.

The Manager's Desk

Welcome all of you at beautiful campus of Doon Public School Dashmesh Nagar, Dilawarpur, Mohammdi (Kheri).
With the fast changing social, political and economical scenario of the country and rapid globalization trade, industry and commerce etc. The country needs well educated man power in large quantity in years to come. The monal educational society comes in the existence with firm resolution contribute towards basic education needs of the nation as a welfare state.
It gives immense pleasure to dedicate this humb but well organized school in service of the nation. I am not only confident but also sure that school shall be able to serve the masses by shaping your children into most skilled professionals on the skills and the confidence that these students acquire to counter the challenges and emerge as leaders of 21st century. So, I once again thank all of you for joining us and becoming partners in our endeavour.

Dr. Gurmajor Singh

The Principal's Desk

Welcome and congratulations to you all. Doon Public School is an English medium co-educational public school which has got affiliation from C.B.S.E. Board New Delhi. And we are on the go in improving on the prevailing C.B.S.E. curriculums. The vision of the school is not only accreditation to students but also to train them in moral and spiritual values. As such DPS has been established to achieve the following aims.
To develop in the students a trained intellect to enable them to adjust themselves in the fast changing world. We are providing quality education to pursuit of excellence in the field of life itself.
DPS management is resolute to boost the academics as well as extracurricular, standard of the students such as Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Drawing, Craft, Music, reading and writing skills etc.
Our students are the most beautiful and wonderful people and we love them. A big bouquet of thinks also goes to you dear parents and guardians. Without your support and important feedback as that we achieved together in this year would not have been possible.
I always appraise my triumph in term of the triumphs of students. They are the DE-FECTO pillars of my strength.
As a steer man, I have to carry my entire crew with my team is working with a singular devotion and dedication and together we have weathered all the storms and shared the sunshine.
The future beckons us, bright and hopeful. Life is full of hope and good things; reach out-it is yours.

Beyond Academics

DPS Library

DPS libraries help prepare students to live and learn in a world of information. The mission of school libraries is to ensure that students and staff are able to use ideas and information.The library comprises a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, textbooks, newspapers, periodicals.


The School has a very big and airy science lab, well-equipped with modern apparatus. Students are guide by the over head projector,Slide projector etc. The school organises workshop time to time by the other school's or college lecture.

DPS Play Ground

Very vast and specious neat and grassy playground which has various courts like Volleyball,Football,Basket Ball,Badminton....In Addition it has complete space for Cricket & all outdoor games.